True Scalper forex expert advisor by aeron

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What kind of trading platform is required for Aeron(Scalper+Grid) EA?

Meta trader 4 - MT4

Can I use this EA with any broker?

You will get good results if your broker has following specifications:

  • Stoplevel/freeze_level should be 0
    What is StopLevel: In MetaTrader, the freeze_level/SopLevel is the minimum distance in pips, measured from the current spot price (Bid/Ask), to be attained to trigger a temporary ban on modifying, deleting or closing the orders, which are near to execution. Thus, a pending order, which is away from the current market price at a distance equal to or within the freeze_level/SopLevel , cannot be modified, deleted or prematurely closed.
  • Spread should be tight, i.e. sholuld not above 5 pips in 5-digit broker.

What currency pairs should I use with this EA for good results?

We recommend to use this EA on the following currency pairs:


What timeframe is suitable for this EA?

Minute-1 timeframe is best for this EA.

Any leverage suggestion for this EA?

You can have any leverage in your forex acount, it is not a problem.

What is trade frequency of Aeron(Scalper+Grid) robot ?

On an average you may get approximate 5-10 trades or more in a day. But it is not a fix figure, you may get more or less trades, it totally depends on broker and spread value.

Do I need to keep ON my computer and internet all time for Aeron EA?

If your computer is OFF or internet got disconnected then Aeron EA stops working. Your computer and internet must be ON all trading time.

I have not so much knowledge about forex, should I use OR can I use Aeron EA?

Yes, you can. We will help in all processing of installing & setting up the Aeron EA in your MT4.

When you update EA, then will I get all forthcoming updates free of cost or I have to pay for them?

You will get all updates in future absolutely free of cost.

One more important question, how much money should I have in my account to use this EA?

Please click here to know it's answer in detail.

Still your problem is not listed in our FAQ section then please feel free to ask us at


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